Cabinet Light Icon

cabinet light

DottyDots Household Lighting by icons8

Linkware License

This license allows free use for commercial use, but requires a link on each page where the icons appear. It’s close to Creative Commons’ Attribution.

DottyDots Household Lighting Icons

  • Light Bulb Icon
  • Cabinet Light Icon
  • Illuminate Icon
  • Ceiling Light Icon
  • Chandelier Icon
  • Curtain Light Icon
  • Dining Table Light Icon
  • Edison Bulb Icon
  • Fluorescent Bulb Icon
  • Globe Bulb Icon
  • Kitchen Light Icon
  • LED Bulb Icon
  • Light Automation Icon
  • Light Off Icon
  • Light On Icon
  • Mirrored Reflector Bulb Icon
  • Reflector Bulb Icon
  • Spiral Bulb Icon
  • Work Light Icon