paid services

web development

We develop our own projects and develop web applications for our clients. We like complicated tasks, but we are also ready to help with HTML coding or to bring the coffee. :)

Although we prefer to work with our own rapid prototypes and user interface design, we accept any good designs. However, we can't work with bad designs, as we refuse to sell you anything which is not top quality.


Usually we do PHP or Ruby on Rails. If you ever have to have other software developers work on your web application, you'll never have a shortage of specialists.

Time estimation

Unlike with design or rapid-prototyping work, it's hard to estimate the time for web development if we haven't seen the project. Please write us to get an estimate. 

To speed up the development, you could


  1. Divide the project into stages
  2. Start the project right after the prototyping stage (not waiting for the graphic design)


In this case UI design is being done  ath the same time as the coding, in a parallel mode.


Just as with time estimates, it's hard to say upfront how much the price will be. Our per-hour rates are: 

Web developer  $40 per hour
Quality assurance $35 per hour

How can you be sure that we actually spend the time you pay for? We use a time-tracking service that gives you reports of the time we spend. It even takes screenshots from time to time, so you could see if we were checking Facebook or working on your project. :-)

You can hire us either per hour or per project. If you choose the per-project option, we guarantee the price for an additional fee. This insures you against extra time and extra coding costs.

How to start

Please tell us about your application. What is it for? What have you accomplished so far? Maybe you have a rapid prototype, or some ready code? Maybe a previous version? Drop us a message.

When you need the work done? If possible, divide the project into stages. Define your priorities. We like it agile.

We usually work with a 50% prepay. Thank you.