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usability review

“That’s when I open a website or an application and list usability problems”, Ivan says.

It Saves Time

Speaking about usability, people often imply the necessity of usability testing. That’s true. Usability testing is important. However, you can avoid most usability errors from the beginning. And invest saved time and money in really challenging pieces of user interface (UI).

Test a rough UI and find obvious problems

Fix the obvious problems and perform usability testing only after that

From experience, usually we know what’s gonna work and what’s not. But not only from experience: we also read books, go to seminars, purchase usability research. Finally, Ivan helds his own course in the British Higher School of Art and Design, so we know how to explain.


Review costs from $2 000 to $6 000 depending on the amount of screens (or webpages). Below is an example of the large website review, it’s a social network startup with much functionality.

After the review, we will be glad if you outsource VisualPharm reworking the most complex parts of UI. However, this is not mandatory: review doesn’t only list the problems, but also it contains solutions for these problems. You can fix them by yourself.


Time It takes from 2 to 5 working days to review the website depending on the amount of screens (or webpages).

Usually Ivan is busy for weeks ahead, so please contact us in advance.


The result is given as a list of the problems/fixes in Basecamp. Basecamp is a great project management system; it’s much better than a Word document. You can discuss the problems with your team right there and close them once completed.

Review Sample

A long list of the required fixes

Full list of the fixes for one screen

Ivan suggested solution of the problem, and a client’s manager instructed the team and corrected the error


We outsource UI to VisualPharm for a years. However, this time we had tight budget for a startup, so we ordered prototyping to another company. Still, we decided we need a review from VisualPharm. God! We had found more errors than I could imagine. Thanks to review, we’ve fixed most of them before the public release. Thanks to VisualPharm and personally Ivan for the excellent work; both me and UI developers are pleased.

Mark Fedin, CEO

Many thanks to Ivan Boyko of VisualPharm for his suggested improvements to the layout of invoices as viewed by customers. If you’re looking for someone to provide constructive criticisms regarding your designs, I highly recommend Ivan.

Sidney VanNess, Ph.D., Smartinvoice