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remote usability testing

Remote usability testing is just like usual testing, but from a distance. There are some options available: the tests could be performed with a traditional moderator (when the specialist observes the research and takes notes), or by automated measures. 


  • Fast: 2-7 days for the test.
  • Cheap — several times cheaper than broader research 
  • Research within your target audience. We will find it. Do you need Americans from Midwest, 30-55 years old, interested in Russian brides? Here you go.


Speed and a low price allow us to integrate usability into the development process.

When you have broad research, you pay a lot of money, wait two- to three months, and as a result you receive a general conclusion that everything should be redone.


The prices provided for the group of a dozen users and testing that covers the main functionality of the site. The prices include paying rewards to the users (we pay them).

Just to compare, local testing (in the office) by decent Russian companies costs approximately $10,000.

Research within your target audience

In traditional local usability testing you are limited to people that can physically come to you. You need to lure them to your laboratory.

In the case of remote usability testing, we can test with anybody. The examples of those who cannot come:

  • Specialists in their field. They might live somewhere outside Moscow, or be too busy to allocate their time to a personal meeting. 
  • Users from the other regions. The websites are often made for Moscow (that’s why it is called default city). Only testing in local regions can help to discover special problems with opening new branch locations, shipping to addresses in that region, and area codes for the city, etc.
  • Foreigners. “The Russian market  is 1-1.5% of the world IT market, and to develop the product only for Russia  only makes sense in certain cases” – Sergey Belousov said, Parallels CEO.

What will happen if we only test in Russia? Or only in Moscow?

When remote testing:

What do we do

Option 1. Moderated usability testing

This one suits any situation.  This one also offers the highest quality, since it gives the answer to the question “Why?”  However, it can also be the most expensive, since it demands the continual presence of a developer, and also decoding and writing reports (write to , to receive a sample report).

How it is performed

We create a task according to your order. Then we search for test users to perform remote testing:  via Skype, or exploring the screen by special software.

As an end product you receive the same. The positive side of this method is that we have a reverse connection with the user, and can better understand the reasons for any mistakes.   A negative is that it requires a large labor input (to be on the phone with the user the whole time and to repeat instructions) and as a consequence - the time and costs increase.

It takes some time – if we need to find the users, it will take approximately three days. Then two- to three days for testing, and two- to three days for interpretation.

$4 200

Option 2. Unmoderated usability testing

We create a task according to your order. For example, the order is to find a woman according to our preferences and send her a letter.

After that, by accessing a catalog of users (the so-called user panel), we recruit users. With the appropriate tools we perform testing and obtain videos and voice recordings. We analyze them and make recommendations. All this is very fast – it can be accomplished in one day and interpreted in two- to three days.

The end product you will receive is as follows:

  • List of errors that we found and options how to correct them
  • Video clips with the recording screen and voice commentaries of users.

$2 600

Option 3. Quantitative research of usability

We create the task according to your order.  After that we search for users. The users perform the task as a standalone item.  We get a quantitative description:  Find out what task are the most difficult.  This will allow you, the client, to focus your efforts.   We can also help resolve those errors, although at an additional cost.

As an end product you will get a list of tasks and the percentage of users completed the task correctly.

$1 750