FAQs «Payments»

Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes, both by wire transfer and by credit card. The list of available currencies includes:

AUD Australian Dollars
CAD Canadian Dollars
CHF Swiss Francs
DKK Danish Krones
EUR Euros
GBP British Pounds
HKD Hong Kong Dollars
JPY Japanese Yens
NOK Norwegian Krones
NZD New Zealand Dollars
SEK Sweden Krones
USD US Dollars

For wire transfers
Please notify us you want to pay in a different currency so we provide you the right bank details.

For credit cards
No need to notify our manager. The original request for payment by credit card will be in US dollars. However, you will be able to choose a different currency during the checkout process. Selecting the currency of your credit card may give you the following advantages:

Reatively good rate
We use the rate of our bank (for wires) and our payment gateway (for credit cards) which is more or less good.

No currency-conversion fee
Some banks charge the buyer an additional fee for doing a currency conversion. We don't.

Precise cost
You know the exact amount that you spend.