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mobile app prototyping for ios and android

On the stage of prototyping, we create a working prototype that can be opened directly on a mobile phone. Tell us please about your goal, and we will create for you user-friendly application. We understand usability, we know about the ‘fat-finger’ problem, parallax effect, and much more. Hope we have managed to impress you. :-) Please contact us.


We create prototype and design for both platforms - Android and iOS.

We know about special interface features of each platform. For example, we know that part of the functions on Android is performed by the buttons on the phone rather than on the screen.

In order to master two platforms, we go to the extremes. For example, Ivan carries two phones — iPhone and Samsung Galaxy so he could know as well as ‘experience’ features of both phones. 

When we create prototype, we recommend to start with one platform and then refine the prototype for another. Of course, we won't charge you for two separate prototypes.We also don’t drink blood of Christian children.

We can also carry out the development for iOS. We don’t do it for Android at this time. :-)


The time for completion depends on the number of screens in the application. If you have a layout, give it please to us, and we will quickly calculate the number of screens (we can count up to one hundred - greater intelligence for this calculation is not required. :-)  

Usually it takes two days to create each screen and five days to process the order. That is, it will take 15 working days to make 5 screens. 

Need it sooner? Please let us know


The price depends on the number of screens.

First screen in the order
The first screen is a start point for the whole project. This screen is the most expensive because it defines the structure of the entire application
Each additional screen $505

FAQ on Pricing and Payment terms

How to Start

Please tell us more about your application: what is your idea; what materials do you have; perhaps, you have sketches on the checkered paper or even previous version of the application? Please send us a message.


Please let us know how much time we have for completion. Please tell us, if possible, priority of the milestones.


We ask for a 50% prepayment of the cost of the project.