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mobile app development for ios

VisualPharm specializes in the development of mobile applications, both for ourselves and our clients. We do full cycle:

  1. Prototyping of mobile UI
  2. Creating mobile UI design
  3. Usability testing, full cycle of web development and QA

We don't do mobile app marketing. That's still up to you.


Although we do mobile app UI design, mobile app UI prototyping, and quality assurance for both the Android and iOS platforms, we develop only for iOS – for the iPhone and the iPad. 


When we do rapid prototyping or design, we can tell precisely how much time it will take us before we even start. But with application development, it's different. It completely depends on the functionality you need, so we need to estimate the time for each project individually.

We will adjust our schedule to your deadline requirements. For example, even though you'll probably want to provide your users with exciting visual effects, those effects may take a lot of time to develop in iOS. So you may want us to put them on hold for the moment and add them later, with the next release.


Just as with the time estimates, we can't give any precise price estimates until we see the project. As a rule, the hourly rate is:

Software developer  $40
QA engineer $35

We use time-tracking software, wich delivers precise reports about the time spent by the developers, broken down according to task. And this software takes screenshots – so you could be sure we actually were working on your project and not playing Angry Birds.

Another option is full-project pricing. This option costs a little bit more, but everything is included: we guarantee that we will complete all the work within the predefined budget. In this case, if additional coding is needed, we'll do it for free. Thus we insure you against risks.

How to Begin

Please tell us about your mobile application. Tell us the idea of your app. Share whatever information you have. Do you have a rapid prototype? Do you have a previous version? Even a drawing on a napkin will work! In fact, we prefer napkin drawings to 60-page Microsoft Word files. But if you have the latter, that's fine too! Send us a message.

Please let us know how much time we have. If possible, divide the project into stages and rate the stages by priority.

We kindly ask for a 50% prepayment.