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VisualPharm specializes in creating mobile applications for our clients (for example Runa Capital recommends us for it's start-ups). We're able to all the phases of development, from interface prototyping to programming and usability testing

tell as about your project

A Design isn't just a design
Working on the design for the mobile application Last Hour, we’ve created three innovation concepts that make calendars really easy to use. 


We perfom prototyping and interface design for both the Android and iOS platforms. 

For iOS, we can also develop the application. However, we cannot provide the same for Android :-)


The amount of time it takes to develop will depend on the number of the screens you need. If you have a layout, give it to us please and we'll quickly count the number of screens (because we know how to count to a hundred - higher intelligence isn't required for this calculation :-)

Usually we need 2 days to create each screen, and 5 additional days for the entire order; so it will take about 15 business days to make 5 screens.  

Need the work done faster? Contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. 


The price also depends on the number of screens.

First screen in the order
The first screen is where all work begines. This screen is the most expensive because it defines the location of the elements, colors, fonts and other features of the application. 
$ 1 400
Each additional screen  $ 505
Icons Pricing is determined per item

 FAQ on pricing 

There is "all inclusive" payment option. If this option is selected, the design can be a bit more expensive but we guarantee that all the work will be done within the designated budget no matter what difficulties we encounter along the way. If you need any additional screens (and usually the number of screens can be increased by 10-30% over the initial order), then we'll create them at our own expense. 

How to start

Please tell us about your application: tell us about your idea, and what materials you have. Maybe you have some drawings on paper, or even the previous version of the application? Contact us.

Let us know how much time we have. If possible, please specify the priority for each phase of the project.

We ask for a 50% prepayment for our services.  

portfolio of mobile applications

Icons are the 'new text'
While working on the design of Tic Toc Timers, we've developed a method to replace typing the text, with simply clicking the icons. It means you click once, instead of typing dozens of keystrokes.

How does the sound look?
Working on the design for Talkbits, we've created a new way to display audio files in the application so that they will be memorable.