M-Files Document Management

The goal of M-Files client is to integrate within Windows Explorer the extensive funtinoality of searcing, viewing file properties, checking in files etc. We used branding to make clear for the user that he works not with plain Windows Explorer, but with M-Files and can utilize its features.


Document Management System Interface Prototyping
M-files User Interface Prototype
Rapid prototyping
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Document Management System Interface Design M-files User Interface Design Document Management System UI Design
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M-files UI Design M-files Graphic User Interface Design Desktop Application Interface Design
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Interface, Illustrations a Icons Design for M-files
M-files User Interface Design Document Management System UI Design
Independent of location Installation Security

M-Files Admin works within Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The design is based on MMC, but utilizes some branding resulting in much nicer interface; compare it with other MMC applications.

M-Files Admin Interface Design M-files Admin UI Design Graphic User Interface Design M-Files Admin Interface Design
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