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Contains the icons in all sizes,
Windows, Mac and PNG formats

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Download free Windows 7 icons or order custom icons created exclusively for you.


The icons are free for personal use and also free for commercial use, but we require linking to our web site. If you don't want to place a link, purchase them for $49-199 per set.


Download free computer hardware Windows 7 icons: desktop computer, laptop, monitor, mouse and 5 more. Check more free icons for web development.

To Customize Desktop Icons

Windows XP

Click Start → Control Panel → Appearance and Themes → Change the desktop background → Customize Desktop.

Select the icon and click the "Change icon" button.

Windows Vista / Windows 7

Click Start → Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Personalization or right click on your desktop and select Personalize → Change desktop icons → Change icon.

Select the icon, click Apply and OK.

Mac OS X

Are you in geeky mood? Use our Guide to change Dock icons in Mac OS X Leopard.


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