paid services

user interface design

We design the graphics for your application, combining an appealing look with high usability. We define grid, colors, fonts, and backgrounds, and often draw custom controls like enhanced combo boxes.

At the end, you get either image files in the Photoshop format or the code in HTML or XAML.


Web applications
Complex websites with interactivity, intranets, hosted applications etc.

Desktop applications
All kinds of applications for Windows and Mac OS.

We do a great job in design of touch screen kiosks and mobile applications for iPhone and Android.


How long it takes depends on the number of screens. Usually we will need two days to create each screen, and five days more for the whole order. So it would take 15 business days to make five screens. Need the work done faster? Contact us, and we will see what we can do for you.

Implementing any revisions you may need is not included in the estimate of two days per screen. Although we don't charge for the revisions, they may affect the delivery time. Sometimes revisions take a lot longer than the initial work.


The price depends on the number of screens.

First screen in the order
It's more expensive as it defines the layout, colors, fonts and other styles for the whole application
Each additional screen $680
Splash screen view sample $320
Icons priced separately

FAQ on Pricing and Payment terms

How to Start

We need a few things from you to get started:

Your application
It could be a prototype, screenshots, your application or a demo. If you don't have any of these things, we’d be happy to create a prototype.

Let us know how much time we have. If possible, mark the top-priority icons.

We ask for a 50% prepayment for our services. Check up our Pricing and Payments sections