About us

We make great user interfaces for our clients. Usually our clients have in-house developers and outsource all user interface jobs to us, from prototyping to icons.

VisualPharm was founded by Ivan Boyko in 2002. Since then we have completed hundreds of graphic user interfaces for intranets, complex interactive websites, desktop applications and touch-screen kiosks.

We also made a Sketch viewer that helps to open sketch. files on Windows, collaborated with AppSounds to release UI sounds, and created a music library of tracks for explainer videos and other projects.


Specializing in UI
Unlike other interactive designers, we have always specialized in user interface. We have found our way around thousands of errors and pitfalls so we know how to avoid them in your projects.

One pixel more can sometimes be too much. If there is a place for improvement, we do it, even if it requires reworking the whole project. Sometimes we adjust the sketches even after they have been approved by the client.

Personal touch
We design for live people and we work for live clients. That is why we establish a warm working atmosphere with our customers. To reflect our human nature we do handwritten remarks for our design.


IvanIvan, the owner, tells his story
VisualPharm was founded in 2002 when I left my job to have more freedom. I was prepared to starve financially, but in the first month I earned five times as much as at my last job. I got so much work that I was dealing with mailing, invoices, and contracts until 8 PM, and only then was I able to start drawing the icons. I needed some help!

First of all, I hired an account manager to deal with mailing and paperwork; now this work is handled by Anna, and I can’t imagine my work without her.

Alexander showed up in response to an ad I had placed for icon designers. He had been a professional soccer player before, and his portfolio was terrible — but when I tried him out with a test task, he performed brilliantly.

Finally, when I was teaching design at the British Higher Design School, I gave my students an assignment to draw any means of transportation. The students gave me lots of cars, mostly ugly ones. But from Galima? A stunning rendition of a submarine surfacing in an aquarium!


There are all kind of companies among our clients, from big companies like General Electric and goverment organizations to professionals developing their shareware programs alone.